3000 Watt Motor Series - 72V


72V / 3000 Watt - 3" FAT Tire Premium Glide!


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  • F3 Hurricane2
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  • F3 Hurricane4
  • F3 Hurricane5
  • F3 Hurricane6

F3 Hurricane is our brand-new rocketship machine added to the line for 2020! This all-new 72V series ride is fast - really fast! It is also our entry-level 3” FAT tire EXRTREME-72V performance series option. Complete with the new 72V-3000 Watt motor, the Hurricane is fast, agile and much faster than our 2000 Watt series machines! The 3" Flame pattern Road Tires grip the road better than most. They also perform very well in agressive turns which are a must with this ride! The 110+ "plus" type front suspension offers a great handling with strong obstical dampening.

Other features include a bigger more agressive removable 72V lithium battery (20Ah), integrated MTX ready Cargo Rack and Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes! Hurricane comes with all the performance components that make for a great mid-width FAT tire ride in our 3000 Watt series. Since the voltage is a bit higher than the 1000 and 2000 watt systems, this model series works with a Key Ignition. Tried and true it works well at a higher performance level.

We have only a couple upgrades available for this model since its already packed with great components. These include: Running Lights Kit (L1), Undercarriage Lights (L2) or Combined Lighting Kit (L3), The YETI Extreme Combined Kit (L4) and Custom Frame colors. If you are looking for FAT tire performance ride with a lot more top end power and speed - Hurricane is a great choice!

  • 72V Power System
  • Keyed Ignition System
  • 110+ Boost Front Suspension
  • 3" Performance Street Tires
  • QR Removable Thru-Axle
  • Integrated Rear Fender With MTX Cargo Rack
  • MTX Bag or Basket Integration
  • 6061 Aluminum Frame with 600lb + Capacity
  • Heat-Teated Powder Coated Frame
  • Adjustable Handlebar Stem
  • 26" Front End For Forgiving Ride
  • Removable Lithium Battery for Counter-Top Charging
  • 4A Quick-Charge Digital Charger
  • Cycle Analyst Digital Control Panel
  • C/A Programmable Speed and Power Variables
  • C/A Cruise Control Options
  • Easy-Glide Thumb Throttle
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 203mm Rear Roter for Max Stopping
  • 180mm Front Rotor for Balanced Stopping
  • Non-Skid Oversized Footboard Deck
  • 12V Parallel Wiring for Light System
  • Optional 900 Lumen LED Head Light Kit
  • Optional LED Running Lights Kit (L1)
  • Optional LED Undercarriage Lights Kit (L2)
  • Optional Combined Lights Kit (L3)
  • Optional Combined YETI Monster Lights Kit (L4)
Volts 72V
Watts 3000W
Type Brushless
Geared No
Max Speed 38 MPH
Type Digital
Volts / Watts 72V / 3000 Watts
Max Current 40 Amps
Computer Display
Cycle Analyst 3 Multi-Function - Speed, Power Settings, Cruise Control
Wheels / Tires
Wheels 26x3" Front, 20x3" Rear
Tires 26" Front, 20" Rear, 3" Street
Length 87 in.
Width 28 in.
Height 50 in.
Wheelbase 63 in.
Maximum payload 600+ lbs
Curb weight 79.5 lbs
Type Lithium Ion
Charge Capacity 20Ah
Riding Range 22-28 Miles
Time to Charge 3-4 Hours From Empty
Running Lights Kit - L1 Running Lights LRunning Lights FR/RR Kit Installed - $165
Under-carriage Kit - L2 Undercarriage Lights Under-carriage Kits Installed - $159
Full Combo Lights Kit - L3 Full Light Kit FR/RR Running lights + Under-carriage Kits Installed - $299
YETI Lights Kit - L4 Yeti Light Kit FR/RR Double Running lights, Space Bar + Under-carriage Kits Installed - $465
Custom Frame COlor Custom Frame Paint Powder-Coat / Heat-treat Custom Frame Color - $375

    Cargo Flatbed Trailer Flatbed Trailer 125 LB Capacity, $325
    MTX Zipper Trunk Bag EX Topeak Bag EX 2 Versions From $69.95
    MTX Zipper Trunk Bag DXP Topeak Bag DXP 2 Versions From $119.95
    MTX Wire BasketTopeak Wire Basket 1 Model - $44.95
    Trailer Light Kit Trailer Light Kit Requires L1 or L2 Light Kit pre-Installed - $125
    Kali Unisex Kali Helmet 3 Sizes - $25
    72V - 20Ah Lithium 72V Extra Battery Lithium - $1085

    MOTOR: 72Volt / 3000 Watt
    CONTROLLER: 72V / 40Amp - 60A Max
    WHEEL FRONT: 26" 15/110+ Origin8 Hub
    WHEEL REAR: 20" 15/110+ OrigIn8 Hub
    TIRES: 26x3" / 20x3"- Flame
    BATTERY RANGE: 22 - 28 Miles
    SPEED: 34 - 38 MPH
    FRONT SUSPENSION: SR Suntour - 110+ Boost
    DISC BRAKES: Shimano Hydraulic - F/R
    BRAKE ROTORS: 203mm Rear, 180mm Front
    FRAME: 6061 Aluminum
    PAINT: Powder Coated - Heat Treated
    FRAME COLORS: Black, Blue, Orange, Green
    WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
    OPTIONS: Running and/or Accent Lights

    Charge Efficiency Rating

    • Range Low: 22
    • Range High: 28

    Actual range will vary with rider weight, terrain, speed, rider driving habits and wind conditions.


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