Glide Financing


1000 Watt Motor Series - 48V


48V / 1000 Watt - Standard Tire Ride!


Model Base Price


Glide offers two simple to understand financing options to make it a little easier for our customers to get the ride of their dreams! We do not do these loans direct but have partnered with Variant Fianancial, Inc,, who has lots of experience in financing these types of products.  


1. At - 0% APR for 6 months – select option “Special 0% APR Financing” for those who just want to break it down to smaller amounts in a shorter period. 

2. At - 14.99% APR for up to 60 months – select “Low Fixed-Rate Financing” and then pick the desired duration


  • This financing is for those with established credit
  • Carefully choose what option makes best sense
  • Approvals come generally with in 24 hours 
  • Your loan amount can be adjusted prior to funding for items like accessories, upgrades, etc  
  • Shipping costs are separate and will be calculated and added if needed subject to buyer's approval
  • We also offer Pay Pal credit card purchase options
  • Feel free to call with any questions
  • We stand by our work and your satisfaction

Begin the financing process by clicking the "I Accept" link below and following the prompts. The application will pre-populate the amount of the Glide chosen for approval. We can often make small adjustments later should you decide you would like to order accessories for example. Or, if you know additional upgrade or accessory items that you would like to add to the loan amount - you can change the loan amount once in the form. We will be in communication by email or phone call once your application is approved. Thank you for interest in Glide.

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