Get your face in the wind with your own sweet Glide  LETS RIDE!

Budget Glides


Glide's lower price / entry level units feature a 750 watt motor system. We have 2 models in the line up: A 2.2" all-terrain tire version and a 3" FAT tire model with upgraded 110+ suspension fork.
Prices start at $2995

Premium Glides


Glide's mid-price 1200 watt motor systems offer a bit more power and speed. We have 3 models in the line up: Our 3" FAT tire model (F2 Phantom), 3" Ultra Premium model (F3 Hurricane) and our 4" FAT Tire Model (F4).
Prices start at $3995

Glide Upgrades


New for 2021, we have added a Portable Seat System for those who want to have the option of sitting part or all of the time. In addition, we have other great performance upgrades and accessories from Zipper bags, to LED Light Systems and trailers. Click the link below for more info:

New for 2022:

Retro R4- Super Stable, Super Fun, 4" FAT tire Ride with Bobber LED Head light and Inverted Front Suspension! By far our coolest ride yet...

Glide Independent Technical Review Video:

Glide reviewed by Bolton eBikes

Glide Review Recorded Live - Q/A:

Glide reviewed Live by Bolton eBikes

AUDIO BLOG with Chris founder of Glide Cycles and Kyle:

Glide Audio Blog with Bolton eBikes

Results Driven

We know that if we deliver innovative solutions that work for our customers, we will develop strong relationships!

Proven Technology

At Glide Cycles, we only use the best performance components in the design and manufacture of our products.

Winning Culture

Our shop is pretty laid back and a fun place to be. Therefore our techs are happy and our customers feel that vibe.

Top Performance

From quality suspension to world class hydraulic disc brakes and electric-drive systems, Glide delivers excitement.


  • We design and build unique solutions that perform
  • We are quality driven and customer centric
  • Our clean technogy machines save money
  • High "line of sight" configuration for visibility
  • Glide machines are quick, agile and safe to ride
  • Riding a Glide will put a smile on your face
  • We make specialized products unique in the market
  • We stand by our work and your satisfaction


  • Riding my Glide is like being on a magic carpet ride! I love the sense of freedom you get while riding. Rick - Sand Point, ID,      GLIDE: SABRE
  • I was having so much fun riding my Glide that I had to buy a second one so that I could adventure with my friends! Phil - Sacramento, CA      GLIDE: Solaris
  • My Glide is amazing. I take it everywhere! I travel with it on the back of my RV from San Francisco to New Orleans Kat - San Diego, CA      GLIDE: Rover


  • Fun Fact #1

    Sacramento, CA  Bike Party

    Every first Friday night of the month over 300 to 400 people on lighted bikes and GLIDES get together to ride preset routes through the downtown streets of Sacramento! These rides usually include 2 stops at regional parks and a great social activity. Turns out that there are Bike Party rides in many larger cities throughout the country. Interested? Look up Bike Party on Facebook in your town![...]

  • Fun Fact #2

    Black Rock City, NV Glide Conceived

    "In around 2009, the soon-to-be founder of Glide Cycles (Christopher Wiggins) was inspired to the original concept for Glide after seeing a tall adult man riding a small kid's type scooter -- powered by an extremely loud "chainsaw type" 2-stroke motor! Annoying and hard to believe.. So having just stepped off his mountain bike for a brisk ride - Chris sat down and began sketching on a cocktail napkin what would become the design concept for Glide. [...]

  • Fun Fact #3

    Berkeley, CA Glide PS2 Enforcer

    The city of Berkeley Police Department became the first official city PD to deploy a fleet of Glide Patrol Division units in 2019. In an effort to be more efficient in patrols while offer a community outreach program - Berkeley PD is on its' way to changing how big cities do the business of keeping cities safe and peaceful. More success stories to come![...]

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